Vitamin D

I read that vitamin D helps absorb calcium in the body. Are there any negative effects if I do not recieve enough vitamin D or if I intake too much?

Vitamin D is needed for normal growth, healthy bones, teeth and nails, and the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Without enough vitamin D all these functions are affected. That is why many doctors recommend calcium supplements with vitamin D for many women.
The best food sources of vitamin D are fortified milk and milk products. BTW – many yogurts are not fortified with vitamin D like milk. The good news is that vitamin D is also made in the skin when you are exposed to sunlight.

Do they still fortify fat free milk? vitamin d is fat soluble and there is no fat in fat-free milk.

Yes, all milk is fortified with Vitamin A and D. Some states also add protein by law.

Not enough vitamin D can affect the body’s use of calcium, but it’s one of those nutrients that you don’t want to take too much of as well. Unlike vitamins A, C, and E, vitamin D is not an antioxidant and will actually promote atherosclerosis if you take too much of it. You should take the RDA and no more. You ought to take that supplement every other day, or even less often than that if you get adequate sunlight or if you have other sources of dietary vitamin D.

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