Pheromones Have the Power to Draw Opposite Sex

What is that animal enthrallment we fall into with some people? It has a special personality and it is powerful by itself, and most of all it can’t be controlled or resisted. It is a word understood by most people but its validity seldom questioned. The word is Pheromones. Animal attraction between two physical beings is driven by pheromones. It is the over-thrower of our sexual core.

Pheromone is a normally developing chemical substance that every insect, animal, and person have that releases messages into the air to attract members of another sex. Upon being emitted, pheromones control sexual behavior and draw in the opposite sex. It has been reported that when two people are in the presence of each other and secreting pheromones simultaneously, the resulting sexual attraction is basically impossible for them ignore.

A great portion of today’s fragrances in the market contain pheromones optimized to elevate sexual attraction between the sexes. Pheromones are recognized as aphrodisiac and a love potion, as well. One of the initial fragrances that is known for this was the female’s fragrance Pheromone, recognized precisely for its enhancing properties. A powerful fragrance, it is intended to be applied sparingly and is best for use in cool weather. It is somewhat overpowering but it is known to be the most powerful level of pheromone. More than just an ingredient in female fragrances, pheromones are also present in some leading men’s colognes. A fascination thing, even though all females adore a man that smells good, Androstenone, which is the male human pheromone that attracts females, is released from males sweat glands.

As reported on ABC News in March 2007, research conducted at a University in San Francisco had a 54% higher rate of interest in women who put on perfume that contained pheromone. It also revealed that there is 50% more sexual arousal from males to females. In addition, an increase in petting, sexual intercourse, kissing, and sleeping closer to their partner, along with an increase in dating was reported by 78% of women.

Basically, we are able to be sexually aroused and excited when we encounter smells from some people of the opposite sex. Have you ever been drawn to that specific individual, whose skin odor, that particular scent, makes you helplessly enraptured? It appears that you just could not get enough of that person. Oh yes, that sensation. At that instant, you are firmly into the essence of that individual.

Thus the next time an individual’s aroma drives you to uncontrollable sexual captivation towards that person, be aware of what you are feeling. Go with the flow and take pleasure in it. The fact is that it is not something a person feels with just anybody. It is by not by choice. Anybody who has gone through this, knows. If you have yet to experience this, though, just continue with your life. The future will bring you the best.

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