Ankle Stretches

Calf and Achilles Tendon Stretch On Stairs: Grasp the railing on either side of a flight of stairs. Place the feet facing forward and shoulder width apart. The right foot is placed entirely on the top of the stairs. The left foot is placed with 1/3 of it on the stair and the rest in […]

Health Care for Men

Your male members may workout everyday and keep a close eye on fitness and nutrition, but when was the last time they visited their doctors? A survey revealed that in the past year, 25 percent of men had not seen a doctor, and that more than 30 percent of men over the age of 50 […]

Leveraging the Deconditioned Market

The sedentary market remains the largest untapped market for the health club industry. It is also very well represented in corporate America. Therefore, there is a possibility for you to reach a market in need of the benefits of exercise and gain new members, while building corporate partnerships at the same time.

Production Techniques for the Fitness Industry, Part 2

Now that you’ve got the picture, let’s look at how PERT-CP can help to make our case and meet the three-month deadline. First, organize this project into its component tasks (activities) and events. Activities are defined as behaviors performed by employees. Events are defined as points in time. Each activity has two events — a […]

Production Techniques for the Fitness Industry, Part 1

In the words of Thomas Edison, “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with preparation.” This implies that we need to do our homework and select from any available resources to meet the challenges of our industry. Otherwise, we are like the cross-eyed discus thrower who doesn’t have any particular goals in mind, but […]

How Can I Get My Picky Toddler to Eat More Nutritious Foods? Part 3

Plan enough items in the meal so that she will want to eat at least some of it — potatoes, meat or chicken, cooked or raw vegetables, pasta, bread, applesauce, fruit — and let her choose what she would like to eat out of what is on the table. If she truly won’t eat at […]

How Can I Get My Picky Toddler to Eat More Nutritious Foods? Part 2

Ideally these liquids should be taken by cup, sitting at the table for meals and snacks. If she still uses a bottle, I’d recommend it only once a day, before bedtime, with only about 4 ounces of milk (part of the 16-ounce daily total). Do not allow her to fall asleep with milk in her […]

How Can I Get My Picky Toddler to Eat More Nutritious Foods? Part 1

Toddler eating habits can be challenging. Toddlers can be very firm about their likes and dislikes, and they can get into ruts about what they will eat. Parents often find themselves coaxing or putting pressure on toddlers to eat and to try new foods, or caving in and letting them eat what they want. On […]

No more than Two Steps from Power

Information is power. and, someone once told me that a person is never more than two steps from someone with the information or power that he or she needs. In other words, you know someone (Step 1), who knows someone (Step 2), who knows the person whose information or influence you need.

Marketing an Image

A big thanks should go to theBally/Crunch corporation and ad agency for its January direct mail promotion that undermines the hard work of club operators across the country to improve the image of fitness centers. Maybe you missed it. If so, I’d like to show you just how offensive it is.This direct mail card, which […]