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For those of you who are avid followers of Ally McBeal, the idea of ceramic penises might not be so strange. But to Bob Rowan of Boulder, Colorado, they’re especially offensive-so much so that he stole 21 of them that were on display at the local library, as part of an exhibit focusing on domestic violence entitled, “Hang ‘Em Out to Dry.” Calling the exhibit an exercise in “male-bashing,” which is out of place in a time of war, Rowan made off with the penises but left an American flag and a note proclaiming “El Dildo Bandito was here” in their place.

Rowan was apparently outraged that the Boulder Public Library declined to hang a large American flag in the entryway-for fear that it might be construed as a political statement-and yet allowed CU student Susanne Walker’s art to be displayed.

Walker called Rowan’s action anti-American, describing it as “not only an attack on my freedom of speech, but the art space, the issue of domestic violence, women, and the victims of terrorism.”

The victims of terrorism?

Rowan defends his actions, saying “This just doesn’t belong here. I have never pulled off a crime before in my entire life and I have a lot of pride for what I did.” The case is now headed for trial, and a defiant Rowan, who has rejected all plea offers, is psyched. By the way, he’s also considering a run for Congress.

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