Motivation Needed

I, too, have recently started my diet (again!) in an attempt to loose the weight, since my fibromyalgia only gets worse with the extra weight I carry.

I have always had problems with my weight, and recently, the flareups have been more frequent and painful. I attempted to recruit my husband to diet with me, and so we made a contest out of it. We both put up $50, and whoever loses the most in the next 12 weeks will win the cash for a new outfit!

He does not seem to be dieting much, with McDonald’s Super-size meals, etc, and thinks that running a few times a week will do. For me, it is a major undertaking to loose the weight, because of several health issues.

Now, he seems to only want to loose about 10 pounds, but I need much more. Having a buddy like you with similar health issues, seems like a good thing.

Check in from time to time, and let’s do it!!! I stand to loose about 40+ pounds in the long run, so although my name shows as “little lady in Texas”, I’m far from that at this time!!!

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