Motivation Needed

I, too, have recently started my diet (again!) in an attempt to loose the weight, since my fibromyalgia only gets worse with the extra weight I carry.

A Parent’s Guide to Standardized Tests and Scores

Judging a child by his/her test scores is like looking at an elephant through a keyhole. You’re getting only part of the picture. Most educators agree that no single test score can define a child.

Vitamin D

I read that vitamin D helps absorb calcium in the body. Are there any negative effects if I do not recieve enough vitamin D or if I intake too much?

The Tomato Effect, Part 2

The resistance of American academic medicine to the concept that micronutrient supplementation might have health benefits was discussed by James Goodwin and his colleague Michael Tangum in Archives of Internal Medicine 1998; 158:2187-2191. The medical community excoriated Linus Pauling was for his work on Vitamin C. He was an outsider, and he published books for […]

The Tomato Effect, Part 1

Docotr spoke to the 7th International Symposium on Functional Medicine about the ‘Tomato Effect,’ the tendency for academic medicine to reject certain effective therapies because they do not fit into the current theories in place.

Senior Programs Successful in Small Community

The Altavista Area YMCA in Altavista, Va., once the smallest town in the U.S. to have a YMCA, offers programs to its members and the community that rival those at larger YMCAs. One of those programs is its senior strength-training program. The six-week program includes a class that meets twice a week for 45 minutes.

Hip Joints Exercises

Hip joint problem can be really troublesome, sometimes requiring even major surgery and hip joint replacement. Meanwhile, this problem is preventable by maintaining the joint’s proper range of motion and strengthening the supporting muscles.

Bump, Set, Spike, Part 2

Prevention: Like any other injury, ice is always a first treatment that should be administered with any type of finger or toe sprain. Most finger or toe sprains can be managed by splinting or protective taping. The best way to tape is called buddy taping. This is when the injured finger is taped together with […]

Bump, Set, Spike, Part 1

Volleyball has been a popular worldwide sport for both the avid athlete and the “weekend warrior” ever since its conception in 1895. Current reports estimate that over eight million people in about 130 countries play volleyball, making it one of the world’s most played sports.

Keys to Mentoring

Carolyn Duff, author of “When Women Work Together: Using Our Strengths to Overcome Our Challenges” (Conari Press, 1993, $14.95), describes female mentoring relationships like this: